Did you know It is illegal to cut down a tree with honeybees living inside? This is because you are destroying the bees and their nest. Any tree surgeon, pest control practitioner or commercial organisation can have their honeybee tree nest removed by BeesMAX free of charge.

It is contravening the tree surgeon’s licence and pest control practitioner’s licence without first contacting a registered beekeeper to assist with their safe recovery.

For the legal removal of trees with honeybees please give us as much notice as you can so we can book in a convenient time to attend site and work with you to save the nest.

Get involved and spend a little time helping maintain our environment for everyone.


By calling a beekeeper of specialist pest control company:

  • The bee colony is likely to end up in traditional manufactured hives
  • Usually farmed for honey production along with hundreds of colonies
  • All the bees foraging the same three-mile radius of countryside. 

Alternatively, by contacting the Bee Tree Project:

  • The bees can be collected and relocated to anywhere in the UK and left within their original section of tree
  • This redistribution will repopulate and renew the dwindling wild honeybees
  • Wild honeybees need to stay as wild as they can.
  • We have sanctuary sites all over the UK that can rehouse the colony
  • All that we ask is for a donation to the cause. Get involved and spend a little time helping save what we have left.

It is far too late to only rely upon newly planted trees save the planet.

It will take nearly 100 years to replace the honeybee nest that you are cutting down.

Trust your instinct and help us save our natural unseen assets.

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