What we do

Our promise to you is to preserve this unrecognised national asset.  Work with us today and become a Tree Bee Rescue Partner and benefit from this new strand of environmental policy.

We will solve your problems dealing with dangerous or dead trees that also require their honeybee nest removal.

Your tree surgeons will be wary of working on these trees but we will provide the necessary PPE to get the job done.

Work with us to turn a negative environmental story of destruction into a positive story of conservation and renewal. We will relocate your wild honeybees, intact in their original tree section, into schools to educate them about the importance of where honeybees really live.

Beekeepers usually dissect and pick out the honeycombs to domesticate the queen bee. The hollow tree trunk is then discarded. We are committed to stopping this from happening by relocating the short section of the tree trunk intact.

But does the public know about where wild pollinator honeybees live in their natural environment? Sadly not, and there is very little publicity to promote the conservation of this unique housing stock which is a unique ecosystem all of its own that should be given recognition all of its own. 

Every species needs housing, and somewhere to live and veteran trees over 100 years old are the honeybee’s only source of a wild habitat to breed and maintain the colonies.

We do not know how many veteran trees that host wild honeybee nests are left in the UK, but we do know this important housing stock is dwindling fast. It takes at least 100 years to replace a suitable honeybee-friendly veteran tree!

Our food supply and flowering meadow ecosystems totally rely on these wild honeybees for pollination. Act now and book here for immediate relocation or message us to plan for removal later in the year.