Bee Keeping & Tree Bee Rescue Immersive Experience – Thames Ditton


Location: Thames Ditton, KT17 0RA (map – directions)

During your time with the Tree Bee Rescuer’s, you will experience Beekeeping as we know it today and how British Beekeepers interact with our wild honeybee species. Learn from a professional beekeeper of 40 years’ experience how to hold the hive frames and find the queen bee.

This TreeBeeRescue event explores the differences between our highly effective methods of honey production and ways to also protect the wild honeybee species.

Discover our concerns regarding the traditional beekeeping ethos and the need for longer-term environmental conservation,  working in partnership with nature to promote a custodial ethos.


The 2.5-hour flight time!

  • A short pre-experience introduction to the practical session before you walk to the hives and enter their world.
  • Discover their life cycle, comparing both free-living and domesticated honeybees.
  • Dress up in the beekeeping space suits before walking to the hives!
  • Walk to the hives and hold hold real beehive frames crawling with honeybees and find the queen bee.
  • Then, move on to a real wild colony living in a veteran tree. Understand how we could become custodians of that natural asset and not remain as users of a superefficient food production process that began between the two world wars.  The world needs food and honey is a precious commodity, but can we farm it sustainably?

Adult: £45.00
Child: £40.00 (Recommended for children 7+).

Add adult ticket(s) to basket before adding child ticket(s).
Spaces on each class are limited.

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Bee Keeping & Tree Bee Rescue Immersive Experience – Thames Ditton
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